About Us

Who we are?

Senior Partners equipped with extensive leadership experience in sustainability and operations, backed by a proven track record of over 20 years in the industrial, manufacturing, and logistics sectors. Known for driving transformative changes and consistently delivering outstanding results.

Professional Experience

As experts in Sustainability & EHS, we have successfully led the transformation of over 40 manufacturing sites, achieving zero waste while implementing new production lines and quality control processes. Our optimization of the supply chain through a control tower system has promoted a circular economy, emphasizing sustainable practices.

Our portfolio of projects includes accomplishments such as achieving zero water consumption, implementing biofuel sourcing, and securing Power Purchase Agreements, all of which have been pivotal in enhancing sustainability and minimizing environmental impact.

As consultants, we specialize in orchestrating processes to increase production capacity, performance, and productivity.

Our leadership team is committed to helping you build capabilities, including securing electricity sourcing, improving energy efficiency, and develo- ping a deeper understanding of carbon trading to navigate complex regulatory environments effectively.

Core executive skills:

  • Formulating and implementing sustainable strategies.
  • Strategic business planning.
  • Effective problem-solving.
  • Facilitating organizational development.
  • Strong analytical abilities.
  • Leading digital transformations and fostering cultural change.
  • Dedication to sustainability, driving resilient and forward-looking business practices.

Our firm caters to a diverse range of industries,

offering specialized services to meet the unique challenges & needs of each sector.




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