In the energy area we have a wide variety of processes that optimize your company to contribute to the environment and at the same time create a monetary savings system for your company.


Converts food waste into biogas Biomethane Biogas generated contains various gases, with methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). After biogas is produced, it can undergo a gas separation or upgrading process to enhance its quality and utility.

Energy Management System

Implementing an Energy Management System is a strategic approach to efficiently manage and reduce energy consumption.

Renewable Energy Sourcing

Electricity sourcing through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) is a powerful strategy to reduce green- house gas emissions and promote sustainable development.

Main benefits to go green:

  • I · Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy
  • II · Cost Competitiveness
  • III · Energy Security and Independence
  • IV · Regulatory Compliance and Standards

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